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Mona Lisa Touch Q&A

Mona Lisa Touch™ is an innovative laser developed for female wellness and intimate beauty.  It was designed to regenerate and rejuvenate female intimate areas. The Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment is an ideal solution for women who seek a less invasive procedure as compared with surgical or pharmaceutical intervention to increase  women’s comfort during intimacy.  The woman’s satisfaction with intimate aesthetics impacts self-confidence in all areas of life.

The treatment is aimed at restoring the biologic pH of the vagina, increasing elasticity of vaginal walls and ensuring better mucous production and hydration. Using the Mona Lisa laser stimulates collagen production in the mucous membrane resulting in greater elasticity and constriction of vaginal walls. Moreover, the observed effects include stimulation of the production of glycogen responsible for vagina hydration. Patients who previously suffered from itching, dryness and vaginal infections observe significant improvement.

Among other reasons, the problem of stress urinary incontinence results from weakening of the vaginal wall, which changes the angle of the female urethra. With laser therapy and strengthening of the front wall of the vagina, the symptoms  often disappear.


The treatment is painless. Patients only experience slight warmness. In case of outer sexual organs, anaesthetic cream is applied 15 minutes before the treatment. Procedure time is approximately 30 minutes in total.

The number of treatments depend on the patient’s individual needs. For most patients, one to three treatments are needed.  Patients typically see results after one treatment. If multiple treatments are needed they are usually scheduled 2-4 weeks apart. 

Before the treatment, you will be informed, in detail, about the procedure’s aspects, benefits, counteractions, and possible side effects. You will also be asked to fill in the questionnaire in the presence of your provider as well as asked to sign the official consent for treatment.


  • The patient may return to normal daily activities. Recommendations include:
  • refraining from sexual contacts for up to 7 days
  • refraining from taking hot baths
  • avoiding the lifting of heavy loads
  • reduction of physical effort


  • pregnancy
  • intimate area infections
  • neoplastic diseases
  • active menstruation
  • presence of vaginal mesh
  • In some cases, slight redness, swelling and discomfort may be observed after the treatment, but these symptoms usually disappear after 1-2 days.


  • changes and problems of intimate areas as a result of labour or menopause
  • other ailments – itching, irritation, dryness, painfulness
  • (particularly acute during sexual intercourse)
  • stress urinary incontinence
  • (as a result of labour, hormonal changes, innate defects of connective tissue)