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PDO Threading

PDO thread lift procedures

Wrinkled Lady

Thread lifts are a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift for patients who are not ready to undergo more aggressive surgical options. The effects from a thread lift will be temporary and not as dramatic as a facelift.

Improvements can be noted immediately as a result of the mechanical lifting of the threads followed by a continued gradual correction of fine lines and wrinkles over time as the procedure stimulates natural collagen production.

Maintenance procedures are usually required at around 18 months.

Conditions it treats

Procedure time:

1 hour

Recovery and side-effects

Full recovery is usually 3 days. Bruising is possible. Local anesthetic used and should be gone within a few hours. Mild swelling may persist for a week. Avoid strenuous exercise for 1-3 weeks.


Results are seen immediately and continue to improve over time. These results last approximately 18 months, after which maintenance is recommended