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Many men and women don’t realize how much relief a body massage provides until they get their first one. After that, massages often become a regular component in their self-care routine. Sakoon The Spa in Omaha, Nebraska, offers an extensive list of customizable massage techniques to target your unique needs and keep you comfortable during your experience. To explore your massage options, call the spa or book a consultation online today.

Massage Q & A

What are massages?

Massages are a type of ancient therapeutic body treatment that comes in many forms. In general, massages help you relax and relieve muscle tension that accumulates with stress and consistent movement. 

During a massage, a trained massage therapist rubs and presses your muscles with their hands, fingers, and arms. You can target a specific body part with a massage or get a whole-body treatment for maximum relief.

What types of massages can I get?

Sakoon The Spa offers many types of massages, both traditional and one-of-a-kind. Your provider helps you navigate your many options and select the right one. 

Sakoon’s popular massage options include:

  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Massage
  • Silk Road Journey Aromatic Massage
  • Everest Limestone & Lava Stone Massage
  • Tibetan Ku Nye Herbal Infusion Massage
  • Mother Earth Prenatal Massage
  • Signature Art of Slumber Deep Relaxation Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Traditional Swedish Massage
  • Jet Lag Relief, Head, Neck, and Shoulder Destressor Massage
  • Gua Sha Stone Revitalizing Leg and Foot Therapeutic Massage
  • Signature Thai Yoga Massage
  • Integrated Therapeutic Massage Ritual

In addition to these options, you can choose add-ons. Sakoon The Spa offers cupping, CBD, and reflexology as add-ons to your massage treatment. 

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How should I prepare for an upcoming massage?

The idea of getting a massage may seem oddly intimate and somewhat intimidating, especially if it’s your first time getting one. To help you relax and prepare for a fantastic experience, Sakoon The Spa recommends that you:

  • Try not to be in a rush for your appointment
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid eating for two or three hours before your appointment
  • Breathe deeply in the waiting room
  • Give your therapist specific information about your pain and preferences
  • Tell your therapist about your allergies
  • Decide whether you want silence, music, or talking

Taking these steps can help minimize your self-consciousness and other anxieties you have about getting your massage. It’s important to communicate with your therapist about the aspects that you do and don’t like.

Your muscles are essential to your every action, and it’s important to help them relax and recover from their daily strain. To book your massage, call Sakoon The Spa or use the online scheduling tool today.


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