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Energy Healing Specialist

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In your busy, modern-world life, you may not think much about principles like chi and spirituality. In Omaha, Nebraska, Sakoon The Spa uniquely offers Reiki and ParaTan Vibrational Sound Healing, ancient energy-healing treatments that have helped people find a sense of divinity and balance throughout history. If you’re ready for a change in the way you heal your mind, body, and soul, call Sakoon, The Spa or go online to book your appointment today.

Energy Healing Q & A

What are energy-healing treatments?

For patients who aren’t keen on traditional medicine, Sakoon The Spa offers calming and therapeutic energy-healing treatments. Specifically, you can get:


Reiki, or Karuna Reiki, uses ancient healing symbols to balance your mind, body, and soul. After this relaxing treatment, you’ll feel recharged and rejuvenated. A provider uses their palms to transmit positive energy to you during this ancient practice.

ParaTan Vibrational Sound Healing

Sakoon The Spa is proud to be the only place in the United States to offer this treatment. The treatment uses sacred sounds and mantras to awaken your Divine Essence and put your life into balance.

What are the benefits of getting energy-healing treatments?

Energy-healing treatments are unique and unlike any other treatment you can get in the West. Unlike modern treatments, they bring a sense of spirituality to your healing while focusing on the mind, body, and soul together instead of just your body. 

Benefits of Reiki and ParaTan Vibrational Sound Healing include:

  • No chemicals or medications
  • Balancing your chi
  • Relaxing and soothing
  • Pain reduction
  • Symptom improvement
  • Increased energy
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Accelerated healing

You can get energy-healing treatments to improve a condition or simply to put yourself back into balance. The team at Sakoon The Spa gives you additional details of the benefits these treatments can have on your life since the benefits differ for everyone.

Who should get energy-healing treatments?

Energy-healing treatments are appropriate for anyone who is open to using them. It’s important to realize that they shouldn’t be used to replace medical treatments for diseases or injuries. 

Rather, you can use them to supplement other medical treatments or simply to bring more balance into a chaotic period of your life. You may consider these treatments if:

  • You prefer natural healing
  • You’re a spiritual person
  • There’s chaos in your life
  • You want to feel refreshed

If you’re still unsure whether energy-healing treatments are right for you, the team at Sakoon The Spa can help you decide. They’ll ask you a series of questions and give you additional information about the history of such treatments. 

If you’re at a turning point in your life or simply looking for balance, call Sakoon The Spa or go online to book your appointment for energy-healing treatments today.