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Body Massage

What are massages?

Massages are a type of ancient therapeutic body treatment that comes in many forms. In general, massages help you relax and relieve muscle tension that accumulates with stress and consistent movement.

During a massage, a trained massage therapist rubs and presses your muscles with their hands, fingers, and arms. You can target a specific body part with a massage or get a whole-body treatment for maximum relief.

woman massage

What types of massages
can I get?

Sakoon The Spa offers many types of massages, both traditional and one-of-a-kind. Your provider helps you navigate your many options and select the right one.

How should I prepare for an upcoming massage?

The idea of getting a massage may seem oddly intimate and somewhat intimidating, especially if it’s your first time getting one. To help you relax and prepare for a fantastic experience, Sakoon The Spa recommends that you:

Taking these steps can help minimize your self-consciousness and other anxieties you have about getting your massage. It’s important to communicate with your therapist about the aspects that you do and don’t like.

Your muscles are essential to your every action, and it’s important to help them relax and recover from their daily strain. To book your massage, call Sakoon The Spa or use the online scheduling tool today.

Many men and women don’t realize how much relief a body massage provides until they get their first one. After that, massages often become a regular component in their self-care routine.

Sakoon The Spa in Omaha, Nebraska, offers an extensive list of customizable massage techniques to target your unique needs and keep you comfortable during your experience.

To explore your massage options, call the spa or book a consultation online today.

Body massage

Swedish Massage

Designed to produce a profound state of relaxation and bliss.

Every moment of this customized Swedish-style massage is designed to produce a profound state of relaxation and bliss. Begin by deeply inhaling our signature scent, then relax and enjoy a wonderfully rhythmic massage using light to medium strokes.

Customized Deep Tissue Massage

Our hybrid deep-tissue massage focuses on addressing tense muscles with slow, rhythmic movements and firm pressure to release tightness. This massage addresses the entire muscle, from the fascia to the individual fibers and tendons.

Great for relieving chronic muscle tension, stress and back pain. Great for athletes.

  • 50 minutes
  • 80 minutes
Deep tissue massage

Everest Limestone & Lava Stone Massage

This treatment utilizes warm stones, specially blended oils and cold, semi-precious gem stones for an amazing "fire and ice" experience. Muscles relax and the mind enters a state of Sakoon. A must try!

Himalayan Salt Crystal Massage

The Primal Sea is where scientists and scholars believe all life originated. From it comes a pure and crystal-like salt rich in 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements known as Himalayan salt.

Indulge in the benefits of earth's natural gifts, which lower blood pressure, balance electrolytes, prevent muscle cramps and much more. Medium and deep strokes are used throughout this massage treatment.

Tibetan Herbal Infusion Massage

Another Sakoon exclusive, developed to promote healing and a sense of well-being. The Tibetan Ku Nye massage works the muscles, tendons, and chakras (energy centers) of the body. It also strengthens the immune system by flushing impurities from the body with detoxifying herbs and native oils.

Specially developed herbal poultices are steeped to their prime effectiveness, then applied in a rhythmic, soothing massage. Fatigue, pain and rigidity melt away.

Mother Earth Pregnancy Massage

Developed for the mother-to-be, this massage addresses the unique needs of pregnant women. A healthy, relaxing way to reduce stress and promote overall well-being.

This massage relieves many of the normal discomforts of pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema. Some restrictions apply. Recommended only during second and third trimester.

  • 50 minutes
Pregnancy massage

Art of Slumber Deep Relaxation Massage

Work to reset your circadian rhythm. This profoundly relaxing massage utilizes specially-blended poultices with lavender and chamomile-steeped herbs to deliver therapeutic essences directly from plants. Coupled with our unique blend of custom oils, this massage ensures an amazing night's sleep.

We recommend this treatment later in the afternoon if you work during the day, or first thing in the morning if you work evenings.

De-stress Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Perfect for those who carry stress in their upper body or, are fighting the ill-affects of frequent air travel. Every minute is focused on relieving upper body muscle tension. Arrive tightly wound and depart knot-free! Soothing oils make this even more effective, therapeutic and relaxing.

Gua Sha Stone Leg & Foot Massage

This deeply therapeutic Thai massage integrates the use of Gua Sha stones to work the fascia in tired legs and feet. A specially-blended tingling and cooling herbal gel improves circulation while menthol relieves aches and fatigue.

Gua Sha stones allow your therapist to work deeper into the muscle to provide amazing relief. Wonderful on its own or coupled with another treatment.

Thai Yoga Stretch

A vigorous yet deeply relaxing bodywork therapy based upon yoga and Ayurveda practices, appearing in temples in Thailand over 2,500 years ago.

Experience deep relaxation through rhythmic rocking, mindfulness breathing, compression and stretching to release muscle tension, improve energy flow and increase joint mobility.

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