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Vichy Shower Body Treatments

What are body treatments?

At Sakoon The Spa, you can select from many body-focused treatments that improve your skin, massage your tissues, and provide other benefits.

While many people focus on their face when it comes to aesthetic treatments, the body often gets neglected or forgotten. With body treatments, you can leave the spa feeling smoother and relaxed.

Body Treatments

What types of body treatments are available?

Sakoon The Spa offers a variety of treatments to address body concerns, even in places that you might normally forget about. Your provider guides you through these and other available options:

Vichy shower

Vichy shower is a specialized type of massage that uses water pressure to relieve stress and help you relax. You’ll lay comfortably on a table as several showers spout warm water across different areas of your body. A therapist may use a wand to focus water pressure on certain areas. Additionally, the water flow helps exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

Back treatments

Perhaps the most forgettable skin on your body is on your back. Back treatments at Sakoon The Spa, like the Dare to Bare back treatment, clean, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin on your back. They often involve extractions of clogged pores.

Body cocoons and wraps

Body cocoons and wraps available at Sakoon The Spa involve mud, algae, plants, and other natural substances that soothe and improve your skin. You’ll lay comfortably wrapped up as the elements penetrate and revitalize your skin.


Sakoon The Spa provides a broad menu of massage services. You can add a massage to your regular self-care routine or get one every once in a while to relieve stress and tension in your muscles.

Am I a candidate?

To decide which body treatments are right for you, your provider assesses your treatment goals and skin type. Nearly anyone can benefit from a massage, back treatment, or body wrap, with few limitations regarding skin tone or texture.

These treatments are especially appropriate if you have concerns with your skin quality or simply need a day of relaxation. Massages help alleviate muscle strain and soreness while allowing you to relax and unwind.

To explore the many body treatment options in more detail, call Sakoon The Spa or book your consultation online today.

woman receiving massage

Himalayan Rain Forest Scrubs

25 minutes

An experience like no other. Our Himalayan tropical rain forest chamber evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation as you immerse yourself in this amazing exfoliating ritual.

Your journey through the Silk Road begins with a selection from our Sakoon Body Bar Apothecary. Create your own unique experience by selecting from an array of exfoliants, indigenous oils and herbal blends.

Followed with a tingling cleansing ritual, a Vichy rain shower experience and a gentle application of the exotic oil blend of your choice. An olfactory delight!

Papaya & Black Sand Deep Exfoliation

25 minutes

This body exfoliation uses nature's best exfoliants to deliver the smooth, refreshed, glowing skin you've always wanted.

Relax while the power of digestive papaya enzymes, glycolic acid, pumice and black sand work to reveal cleaner, brighter, gorgeously healthy skin.

Finish with a rain forest experience and a quenching body milk application.

Earth’s Essence Land and Sea Wrap

50 minutes

A delectable olfactory experience for the mind and body. Essences of ylang-ylang, lavender, basil, sage and sandalwood stimulate and tone while seawater and seaweed essences strengthen the skin and help to prevent cellular fatigue.

For an even more enjoyable experience, couple this with the Papaya and Black Sand Deep Body Exfoliator.

Porcelain Clay Herbal Wrap

50 minutes

Our Himalayan porcelain clay massaging wraps utilize ingredients from across the Silk Road. Begin with a gentle dry brush exfoliation of the body followed by a unique massaging application of the therapeutic mud of your choice.

Next, a cocoon which allows the ingredients to permeate the skin and dispense their essences. Finish with an aromatic blend of massage oils to your specifications. A choice of Atlas Rhassoul & Rose or Multani Mitti Clay and Winter Cherry.

Thermic Effervescent Mud Wrap

50 minutes

This intensely active, oxygenating mud therapy soothes sore muscles, joints and tendons. Detoxifying properties draw toxins out from deep within.

Laminaria Digitata, gray clay and other earthly elements work in harmony to deliver maximum results. Finish with an invigorating shower and body butter application.

Target Sculpt Anti-Cellulite Wrap

65 minutes

Phytomer's patented oxio-reduction cellulite mask works quickly to reduce excess weight and the dimpled appearance of skin.

A special clay mask, rich in spirulina, is applied to hips and thighs to encourage fat break down and elimination. A cooling rinse and sculpting massage follows, utilizing contouring concentrates which reshape and smooth connective tissue.

Rapid, visible results of up to one full size after a series of five treatments.