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Low Sex Drive/Performance

Causes and Treatment Options

What causes low sex drive and/or performance?

Genetics, aging, menopause, peri-menopause, 'manopause' medications

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How can I treat it?

At Sakoon The Spa, we provide a wide range of treatment options to treat various conditions. Our experienced providers will craft and suggest a personalised plan just for you. Click on the buttons below to learn more about each treatment option for this condition.

Hormone replacement
Hormone Balancing For
Men & Women
At Sakoon the Spa, we evaluate and restore hormone balance through natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
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O-shot P-shot
At Sakoon the Spa we use your own Platelet-RIch Plasma to safely enhance male and female wellness and sexual function by increasing vaginal sensation and health as well as for rejuvenation of the male genitalia.
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Mona lisa touch treatment
Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal
Laser Enhancement
Developed for female wellness and intimate beauty, the Mona Lisa Touch Laser was designed to regenerate and rejuvenate female intimate areas.
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