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Anja Amitage

Meet our new Physician Assistant, Anja! Anja has lived in Omaha since the 3rd grade! She now resides in Elkhorn Nebraska, with her amazing husband and her three beautiful daughters.

Anja Amitage has spent her 15 year career as a physician assistant in emergency medicine, urgent care, family and regenerative medicine, and aesthetics. During Anja’s 8.5 years in family practice, she developed a passion for wellness and prevention as key factors for optimal health.

She understands the delicate connection between feeling well on the inside as well as outside, and can offer treatments to address concerns in both areas! It is her ambition to provide safe, effective, compassionate care, and to help maximize your health + wellness goals.

Anja Amitage

Anja has advanced peptide training and certification with RevitaLife Medical (Dr. Gerald Grubbs, Karen Gruber APRN) in Sarasota, Florida. She also specializes in hormone optimization for men and women who suffer from commonly associated hormone imbalances, and she’s absolutely thrilled to be providing assistance with the Emsculpt NEO, a revolutionary treatment which addresses both fat loss and muscle building combined.