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Swedish Massage

25/50/80 minutes/ $60/$90/$130

Designed to produce a profound state of relaxation and bliss. Learn More

Customized Deep Tissue Massage

25/50/80 minutes / $65/$95/$135

Hybrid deep-tissue massage focuses on addressing tense muscles with slow, rhythmic movements and firm pressure to release tightness. Learn More

Everest Limestone & Lava Stone Massage

50/80 minutes / $105/$145

Utilizes warm stones, specially blended oils and cold, semi-precious gem stones for an amazing "fire and ice" experience. Learn More

Himalayan Salt Crystal Massage

50/80 minutes / $105/$145

Indulge in the benefits of earth's natural gifts, which lower blood pressure, balance electrolytes, prevent muscle cramps and much more. Learn More

Silk Road Aromatic Massage

50/80 minutes / $95/$135

Incorporates a variety of massage modalities, while captivating your senses with exotically scented, specialty ingredients from Himalayan border countries. Learn More

Tibetan Herbal Infusion Massage

50/80 minutes / $105/$145

Developed to promote healing and a sense of well-being. Learn More

Mother Earth Pregnancy Massage

50 minutes / $90

Developed for the mother-to-be, this massage addresses the unique needs of pregnant women. Learn More

Art of Slumber Deep Relaxation Massage

50/80 / $105/$145

This profoundly relaxing massage utilizes specially-blended poultices with lavender and chamomile-steeped herbs to deliver therapeutic essences directly from plants. Learn More

De-stress Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

25/50 minutes / $65/$95

Perfect for those who carry stress in their upper body or, are fighting the ill-affects of frequent air travel. Learn More

Gua Sha Stone Leg & Foot Massage

25/50 minutes / $55/$85

This deeply therapeutic Thai massage integrates the use of Gua Sha stones to work the fascia in tired legs and feet. Learn More

Thai Yoga Stretch

50/80 minutes / $105/$150

A vigorous yet deeply relaxing bodywork therapy based upon yoga and Ayurveda practices. Learn More




Everest Limestone & Lava Stone Massage


This treatment utilizes warm stones, specially blended oils and cold, semi-precious gem stones for an amazing "fire and ice" experience. Muscles relax and the mind enters a state of Sakoon. A must try! Learn More

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