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Classic Therapeutic Facial

50 minutes / $90

Recommended for all skin types, this is the base for most of our facial treatments and, the perfect introduction to our services. Learn More

Teen Facial

50 minutes / $65

Facial treatment has been designed especially for the unique and diverse needs of teenagers from about twelve years of age until adulthood. Learn More

Metro Male Facial

50 minutes / $90

Focuses on a man's individual needs, from detoxification to moisturization. Learn More

Bare-the-Back Treatment

50 minutes / $95

Includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extractions when needed, relaxing massage of therapeutic oils for your skin type, followed for hydrating mask and therapeutic lotion application. Learn More

Soothe & Calm Facial

50 minutes / $95

Treatment for those who suffer from sensitive, flushed and blotchy complexions or redness from couperose or rosacea. Learn More

Wrinkle Combat Firming Facial

50 minutes / $105

Restore a youthful texture and radiance to the skin. 

Learn More

Naturally Nourishing Facial

50 minutes / $125

Help your skin recover its original hydration levels with this multi-sensory facial.  This facial pairs high-performance organic marine active ingredients with a relaxing facial massage to leave your skin plumped, revitalized and more luminous than ever. 

Illuminating C & H Hydration Facial

50 minutes / $105

Cleanses, plumps, rebalances and normalizes all skin types. Learn More

Blemish & Acne Solution Skin Treatment

50 minutes / $105

Facial treatment has been designed especially for the unique and diverse needs of teenagers from about twelve years of age until adulthood. Learn More


50 minutes / $150

This facial treatment couples the correct facial for your skin type, and condition along with a gentle enzyme peel. 

Learn More

Enzyme & Dermaplane Facial Treatment

50 minutes / $125

Cleansing followed by an enzyme peel mask, based on you your skin type. Learn More

Stem Cell & Growth Factor Needleless Micro-Channeling

50 minutes / $185

Delivering potent ingredients deep into the skin for visible results. Learn More

Urban Dwellers Pollution Combatting Facial

80 minutes / $160

Designed to counteract the destructive effects of pollution on the skin. 

Learn More

Needleless Lifting 3-D Facial

80 minutes / $195

The ultimate in facial rejuvenation with no needles and no downtime. Learn More

Anti-Aging Trifecta Non-Surgical Facelift

80 minutes / $175

Ease stress and melt away tension around the head and neck. Quiets the mind, regulates mood, relieves anxiety and creates a feeling of calm and tranquility. Learn More

Express Radiance Facial

25 minutes / $65

Includes cleansing, AHA exfoliation, gentle massage, and mask. Learn More

Brighten and Revive Facial


A triple-treatment facial targeted at dark spots, wrinkles and evening complexion. Includes a thorough skin cleanse paired with a two-stage shimmering exfoliation that leaves skin with a soft finish. A relaxing and wrinkle-reducing massage follows. The treatment then finishes with a sheet mask that bathes skin in a potent serum to give skin an overall glow. Guests leave with a follow up remedy to use at home to complete the full facial experience.


CBD Massage Enhancement - $40

Décolleté Facial Extender - $30

Dermaplane - $80

Extractions - $15

Microcurrent to Face - $40

Eye Perfection - $15

Plumping Lip Smoother - $10

Radiance Peel - $15

Self Heating Mud and Detox Treatment - $15

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