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Brows and Lashes


Lash Extensions

Classics Lashes: $200

1 week fill- $25

2 week fill- $50

3 week fill- $100

Classic lashes appear like your natural lashes but more defined. Recommended for clients wanting to achieve effortless eyelashes. By applying one artificial hair to one natural lash, classics give you a beautiful, natural look.

Mixed: $255

1 week fill- $40

2 week fill- $60

3 week fill- $120

With a mix of classic and volume lashes, mixed lashes are that perfect in-between if you're looking for an extra POP! Customized to your eye shape and desire of thickness, you’ll never want to wear mascara again!

Volume: $310

1 week fill- $50

2 week fill- $70

3 week fill- $140

If you want a full glamor look, volume lashes are for you. With a thick but light feeling, volume lashes give a dramatic, full look without the falsies! Fill price may vary on the number of lashes present during the follow-up appointment.


Lash Lift with Tint



Lash or Brow Tint




$500 - First visit including a 6-month touch-up

$250 - 12 months touch-up


Makeup Refresher



Full Makeup Application



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