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Ayurveda Treatments


Ayurveda Shirodhara Ritual

50 minutes / $140

Quiets the mind, regulates mood, relieves anxiety and creates a feeling of calm and tranquility. Learn More

Ayurveda Sarvanga Abhyanga Massage

50/80 minutes / $85/$120

Benefits include joint pain relief, relieves muscle tension and eliminates toxins. Mind, body and spirit are refreshed and revitalized. Learn More

Ayurvedic Immersion Ritual

2 hours / $215

Developed to balance and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit, this ritual brings forth the best of Ayurvedic wisdom in one powerful and transformative treatment. Learn More

Chakra Balancing Ritual Massage

50/80 minutes / $95/$135

The ringing of soft, soothing chimes begins this tranquil experience as you are anointed with precious oils used in sacred Himalayan ceremonies. Learn More

Ayurvedic Facial with Kanza Wand

80 minutes / $115

Facial treatment is customized for individual skincare needs and concerns. Learn More

Karuna Reiki

50 minutes / $100

Relax, recharge and rejuvenate as the energy of unconditional compassion is directed to provide you a deep level of relaxation to assist in your personal healing. Learn More

ParaTan Vibrational Sound Healing

80 minutes / $140

Ancient Vedic Nyasa Yoga healing ritual applying Vedic bija (seed) mantras to the body in the sacred pattern of the Sri Yantra. Learn More

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