Sakoon Medical Spa and select Day Spa services are reopening on May 4th! Click here for our new guidelines.

Sakoon The Spa

Medical & Day Spas located in Omaha, NE

On Monday, May 4th, 2020, Sakoon The Spa will reopen the Medical Spa and select Day Spa services with new policies in place to protect the safety and wellness of all patients, guests, healthcare providers and staff in line with community and DCH guidelines.

We thank you for being on our team as we transition through the initial stages of reopening. Please note that some of the Day Spa services that cannot be performed with a facemask on such as facials will not be available for the time being. 

Please click here to learn more.

Sakoon™ The Spa is a proud member of the Aspire Galderma Rewards program.

Sakoon™ The Spa is a proud Brilliant Distinctions® by Allergan® provider for botox.

Sakoon™ The Spa offers financing options through LendingUSA®. Please call for more details.

  • Love The Skin You're In 
    with Vivace®

    ✓ Alleviate Wrinkles & Fine Lines

    ✓ Tighten Skin

    ✓ Minimize Pore Size

    ✓ Improve Skin Tone & Texture

    ✓ Immediate Results

    ✓ No Downtime

    ✓ Virtually Pain-Free

    Learn More



  • Complete Skin Revitalization with Icon®

    ✓ Skin Revitalization

    ✓ Skin Renewal

    ✓ Scar Removal

    ✓ Stretch Mark Treatment

    ✓ Laser Hair Removal

    ✓ Skin Resurfacing

    Learn More


  • Mona Lisa Touch

    ✓ MonaLisa Touch® increases blood flow to the vagina making the tissue smoother and stronger.

    ✓ The procedure is safe, reliable, and FDA-approved.

    ✓ Increases lubrication to reduce the friction that can cause urinary tract infections and painful intercourse.

    ✓ Increased moisture and vaginal strength lead to more enjoyable sex.



  • Hydrafacial

    ✓ Cleanse and Exfoliate

    ✓ Soothe and Hydrate

    ✓ Stimulate and Nourish

    ✓ All with Hydrafacials proprietary anti-aging ingredients like anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic acid and peptides. 



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For our guests less than 16 years of age, a parent must accompany them to service.
Guests aged 16-18 must sign written consent for treatment.


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